Energy management

With us you have the energy under control

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About us

BURDYCH builds on many years of experience in the power industry. We are a family business that cares greatly for goodwill, so we put great emphasis on the quality of our services and building relationships with our customers.

Our values

  • We adhere to our commitments to our partners and employees.

  • We act honestly, we respect honesty, decency and ethics.


At BURDYCH, we understand Energy Management as a set of measures and activities that result in reduced costs for operation, acquisition and consumption of energy. We approach each customer individually and with the utmost care.

Ensuring the purchase
of power supply

Comprehensive administration of tenders for power suppliers.
Procurement management (staged procurement, FIX).
Monitoring of price development on power exchanges.


Monitoring and setting ¼ hour maximum.
Establishment, transcription and cancellation of supply points.
Representation to suppliers, distributors and authorities concerned.

and optimization

Setting distribution rates, main circuit breaker size and reserved capacities.
Dealing with legislative obligations.
Billing control including a proposal for possible measures.

Measurement and monitoring

Remote energy readings and power consumption records.


Record keeping and ensuring legal revisions and tests.

Administration and operation of LDS

Ensuring operation of local distribution systems including addressing technical requirements.